Keeshond, Bengal cats and Maine Coon cats.

Welcome to (N) Gyfi's, breeder of Bengal cats and showing Maine Coon cats at cat shows. 

My name is Merethe Isaksen Sollied and I'm the owner of (N) Gyfi's. 
Me and my family live in Tromsø in the north of Norway.  

I fell in love with the beautiful Keeshonds in 1980, and bought my first cat as a 40 th birthdaygift from my husband and my son. It was a Maine Coon girl, of course in the same colours as my Keeshonds. 

(N) Gyfi's is a small breeding and we hope to get 1 -2 litters of Bengal kittens a year.  

All our cats lives in the house with us. Right now we dont have an Keeshond, but i am at the board of the Keeshond Club in Norway and  hope i will have the time for Keeshonds in a few years.  

Enjoy my website and do feel free to contact me if you are  interested in a kitten from
me or just want to talk about the Cats or the Keeshonds. 


My name is 

Merethe Isaksen Sollied 
Bregneveien 19 

Mail adr.

Mobile phone 00 47 95 75 82 05 
Kittens are expected in a fjew days.... Foto: Merethe I Sollied

Tre (N) Gyfi's gutter sammen med mamma Anuket.

(N) Gyfi's Brutus and me.

(N) Gyfi's Brutus 5 mounts old. Pitcuer: Odd Mikalsen, Harstad.

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